The Ultimate Guide To Modern Bathrobe

The Ultimate Guide To Modern Bathrobe

Bathrobes can be worn by either men or women, and are often unisex in their design, however, they’re all intended to make you comfy, comfortable, and composed when you are relaxing around the house.

Although traditionally bathrobes were found in resorts and spas, it’s more common today for the ordinary man and women to enjoy this lavish garment when they are relaxing in your home, which makes them a more popular garment than ever before.

There are countless different features, materials, designs, and designs which go into developing a bathrobe and each giving their special advantages to the wearer.

What’s a Bathrobe

A bathrobe can be referred to also as a dressing gown, morning gown, or housecoat, and all these describe the same item.

Essentially, a bathrobe is a loose-fitting outer garment that you wear over your clothing or underwear, intended to help keep you covered up discreetly, but also envelop you in comfort and luxury.

Many bathrobes possess a loose-fitting collar that opens, and can sometimes be tied up with a belt around the waist. They are meant to be worn on clothes, pajamas, lingerie, or with nothing underneath and are seen as a handy but classy way to remain covered when you’re lounging around in the home.

There are a few variations from the styles, designs, and materials used to create bathrobes however the overall finished product is the same for women and men.

The main reason for this bathrobe’s success over the last few hundred years is because it offers they’re so versatile in their applications, are easy to wear, and normally have a luxurious feel to them which assists the wearer to unwind and become comfy.

Why Should You Have A Bathrobe On Your Closet

For anybody who’s owned a bathrobe before, you’re likely unsure about the reason why they’re so popular. Those who’ve had the privilege of wearing a quality bathrobe will know, however, there are an infinite number of reasons why they need to be a staple in everyone’s closet, thanks to the many benefits they can provide.


With countless designs and colors to select from, the bathrobe is one simple garment that can offer a classical and stylish look the instant you slip into it, and without the necessity for any other clothes or accessories.


Not all bathrobes are designed for heat, but it is one of their main benefits. This easy layer of clothes can be inserted on top of your pajamas or clothing to keep you warm, and may even reduce heating prices around the home.


There’s no doubt how easy it is simply to slide to a bathrobe in the evenings or after a warm shower at night, and with a simple belt to wrap around and secure you it’s more convenient than anything else you might have in your closet.


A few bathrobes are made from absorbent materials like terry towels and act just like a towel once you measure out of the tub or shower and offer a simple way to wash your entire body as you’re wrapped in relaxation.

The Different Uses For Bathrobes

Though there are many advantages for the wearer who has a quality bathrobe, one of the greatest advantages is that the many different applications you can get out of the one garment. All these are exactly what makes the bathrobe among the most flexible wardrobe principles for both men and women, and are merely a couple of the ways that you can enjoy yours.

  • Morning time
  • Spa remedies
  • Comfort
  • Showers and bathrooms
  • With visitors

The Many Types Of Robes

When you listen to the term robe, you may have a number of distinct images pop into your mind, all depending on your expertise with this famed garment. Though there are countless kinds of robes on the market, there are just four that are most popular and you can usually find at least one in each cupboard around the globe.


Even though this is the most general term to describe all robes, a bathrobe is usually shorter in layout and drops just below the knees of the wearer. The expression “bath” refers to the fact they are usually worn out before and after a bath or shower as the wearer gets dressed or ready for the day.


Kimonos are generally made from silk and frequently feature vibrant patterns, without a collar present letting it drape down on the skin without bunching.

Conventional kimonos are attached in the trunk, but the more modern version we see today tie either at the front or side.

Lingerie Robe

These are bits of romantic wear generally created from soft and absolute materials such as silk and satin. The lingerie blouse curtains carefully to the skin and does not have coziness and plushness as the bathrobe and spa robe do.

Spa Robe

This is the more technical term for a bathrobe that is worn around the house or during relaxation time. They are luxurious and soft and can be worn with little or a lot beneath.

Men’s Bathrobes Vs. Women’s Bathrobes

Women’s bathrobes normally arrive with more options for color, cut, and length. It is not unusual for a woman’s bathrobe to be offered in various lengths from the upper thigh and down to the ankle, based upon the plan. They also come in softer fabrics like silk, and more vibrant designs. You can also customise your own personalized bath robes for men and women.

Men’s bathrobes are more practical, though, either being for warmth or absorbency. The colour choices are often limited to people thought to be masculine, like grays, blues, and whites.

Both standard lengths for men’s bathrobes are into the ankles or falling beneath the knee, with minimal variation from these. A man’s bathrobe also usually includes two front pockets for practical use, in which women’s robes seem to be made more for a look.

Popular Materials Used For Bathrobes


These types of bathrobes are best used for absorbency, as cotton features a natural hydrophilic element that’s excellent for wicking moisture away.


These are usually more costly, but not excellent for stepping straight from the shower as they offer no absorbency.


It offers the smooth and pricey feel of silk but at a fraction of the cost generally.


They’re lightweight but durable, but not as cozy and luxurious as some of the other substances.


This thick and luxurious cloth made from polyester is ideal for colder climates and is your best choice for anybody who would like to be cozy and protected in their bathrobe.

Styles Of Weave In A Bathrobe

Once you’ve your ideal material, you then need to consider the style of weave used to produce the bathrobe. Each one of these can give you a different end result, so it depends on what you find most comfortable.


This is a type of fabric that’s cut loops, and it seems lavish like fleece. A bathrobe made from velour will often also have terry cloth underneath so it can aid with absorbency, however, the velour itself is soft and luxurious to touch.


This fabric is great for colder climates as it’s great heating abilities, and is made from loosely spun yarn like cotton or wool. It’s been soft woven therefore it’s fine to touch, without being too fluffy like velour.


An extremely popular kind of weave, terry cloth is a pile fabric that has usually been produced from cotton, that has uncut loops on both sides. The longer these loops are, the more absorbent your bathrobe will be.


This is a popular weave used for bathrobes that provide absorbency over luxury, and they’ve a grid-like texture and appearance.

The Various Portfolio Designs In Bathrobes

With the weave and material selected for your bathrobe, another important feature to consider is the collar layout of this garment. Even though it may not seem like a big bargain, the collars of bathrobes can differ considerably and each of them will have a different effect on the design and texture of your favorite garment.

  • Shawl
  • Kimono
  • Hooded

Think about the material you prefer, the cut and length, and what you’ll probably be doing while wearing your robe to point you in the ideal direction. For centuries, people all around the globe have been enjoying the benefits of having a quality bathrobe in their closets.

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